Measurable Results


Improving the performance of an organization requires change, a change in how we do things.  Change is difficult. We believe, and research supports, that change requires a process that involves both logic and emotions.  While the process needs to be logical, systematic and measurable, the process involves people, and – let’s face it - people have emotions that can either block or empower change. 

Veritas Leadership Group recognizes and addresses both the logic and the emotions involved in the change process.  Our approach incorporates sound principles of motivation, mindset, strengths and neuroeducation – all rolled into one dynamic and effective package.

Research indicates that high quality professional development should be both sustained and collaborative in order to have the greatest impact on improved knowledge and practices.  With this in mind, all Veritas Leadership Group training, professional development, and seminars include follow-up coaching in order to maximize effectiveness for our clients.

Instruments and Measurables

We specialize in people - and people are variable.  Therefore, our instruments and how we measure growth and change will be individualized for your company and the people in your company.  Having said that, we do base our instruments and measurables on sound research.  We are versed in Kotter and Cohen diagnostic instruments and use these as well as other leading instruments in the field to create specialized diagnostics for your company.