Motivating and Managing Millennials


They’re creative, enthusiastic, and technologically connected.  They move fast and want to be challenged.  They’re the Millennials:  The new generation of employees who are reshaping how we do business – and challenging the status quo of motivating and managing.  This seminar combines the principles of effective motivation with the values specific to the Millennial generation to provide strategies to motivate and manage the Millennial generation.


  • Currently 40 million Millennials in workforce, 58 million by 2014
  • By 2016, some of 70 million Baby Boomers expected to retire
  • By 2016, Millennials will make up almost half of the entire workforce
  • We’re short some 10 million workers with the right skills 
  • From a bottom-line perspective, understanding how to motivate, manage, and maximize the Millennial generation is fiscally imperative


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This interactive workshop will include lecture, discussion, and group activities. Strategies will be modeled throughout and participants will engage in activities designed to effectively motivate and manage Millennials.