Identify and Apply Strengths:
Unleash the Unlimited Potential in Your Organization


When employees are applying their strengths in their jobs, they are more engaged and more productive. The goals of this program is to arm managers and human resource professionals with materials and strategies help their employees discover and apply their strengths. This will be accomplished by helping participants to discover their own strengths and how to apply their strengths in both their professional and personal lives. Participants will also leave with tools and strategies to use with their employees.


  • Awareness and application o strengths increases or improves 
    • Confidence
    • Income levels
    • Career satisfaction
    • Health (Rath & Conchie, 2008, p. 15-16).
  • We grow the most in our areas of strength (Buckingham, 2007)
  • Managers who build on the strengths of their employees were 86% more successful than managers who didn’t; these managers were more likely to indicate that they invested tie in high-producing staff, matched talent to tasks (Gallup: Clifton & Harter, 2003)
  • The most cohesive, successful teams make use of individual strengths while also possessing broader groupings of strengths:  Executing, Influencing, Relationship Building, Strategic Thinking (Rath & Conchie, 2008, p. 22-23)
  • People who report “having the opportunity to do what they do best every day” are 44% more likely to succeed on engaging customers and retaining employees and 38% more likely to succeed on productivity measures (Gallup: Harter & Schmidt, 2002)


This interactive workshop will include lecture, discussion, and group activities. Strategies will be modeled throughout and participants will engage in activities designed to identify and apply their strengths and to apply the same process with their employees.